Alfred Camera platform security vulnerability questions



No specific problem. Just want some answers in regards to Alfred’s network security. What level encryption are you using? How vulnerable is your system to an attack? With all of the Facebook, major banks, and other major data breaches that have happened in the past few years, obviousliy this is a concern to anyone with some sort of tech competence. How can you guarantee your system cannot be penetrated leaving millions of users’ video footage stored to the cloud accessable? What measures do you use? Also do you share user information with third parties? Are your employees able to view user videos? There have been major issues with Amazon Ring allowing employees to edit clips in order for product improvement since there was absolutely no encryption on their video files. Is this the case here?


Hi Mark,

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You can find most answers to your questions here:

We understand that users may have security concerns. Please note that your privacy and information security are always Alfred’s top priorities.

We enforce the latest version of TLS protocol when communicating with Google and/or our backend server to prevent any possible attack known so far.

Also, Alfred implemented strict internal policies for data processing. Staffs granted with data access rights can only do limited operations which required for service maintenance purposes.

Hope this helps! If you still have questions after reading the post, you can always contact us here or send a private message to our staff.