Alexa skills


Would like to have alexa capability



Thanks for your feedback!

Could you tell us a bit more about the features related to Alexa you want us to put in? We will look into the possibilities in the future. Please stay tuned and continue to support Alfred!

Wish you the best!


Hi, I just received my Echo and am not familiar yet with all the capabilities it could have but the one I am interested in is the ability to turn the camera(s) on and off(disable) via voice command.
Thank you


Any news on the Alexa integration? Some additions would be:

  • enable/disable motion control using voice
  • motion detection enabler based on phone location using viewer devices list

Or integrate with ifttt + hue to use motion detection as sensor to turn a light on.



Hey Alex,

The features you mentioned sound really cool! We will take your advice into account and discuss it with our engineering team. Since many factors have to be taken into consideration, we can’t give you a timeline yet. Please stay tuned to future updates!


Another vote for an Alexa skill for Alfred, a la Ring integration.


Hi. Are there any updates with regards to Alexa integration?


Ifttt integration would be good. As for Alexa, it would be nice if Alexa’s notification ring could indicate that a motion alert has been triggered.


Alexa, Google or Ifttt integration would be great.

If Alexa could display the Alfred camera on the Fire stick to my TV and to Alexa’s with screens; don’t know the name of them. Other camera’s and free software already have this feature.


I would also apreciate an Alexa skill