Alerts, Charging, Icons


Both Viewer and Camera
iPhone(s) 5/6/7
IOS 10.1.1
AppVersion: 1.6.3

OK, a few comments/issues rolled into one topic.

1/ On the viewer, the battery icon just shows a grey colour and the %charge. I have no idea if it is draining, or charging. It would be great if it showed green for charging, red for draining, and/or a little lightning icon to show charging.

2/ I would like to be able to configure battery / charging notifications separately from motion detection notification. IE I might want to see battery alerts, but not motion alerts, or visa-versa.

3/ On the viewer, what are the other icons (square box with man in middle, bell, two-men, speaker (is this volume?)?

4/ In settings I want to be able to have motion detection on, and a setting that turns on notifications. I.e. I want motion detection to record my pets, but I do not want to be alerted each time.

5/ Are there any other type of alerts (other than battery and motion)?

6/ A repeat request. I would like the viewer to state the recorded video’s time and timezone, along with local time/zone if they are different… E.g. recorded at 9am UK, 4am EST.

7/ If we’ve forgotten to set volume before we left the house, would be great to do this remotely via Alfred. Possible?
Many thanks


Hi @sbeesley,

Thank you so much for reaching out and giving us your feedback!

  1. When your battery goes below 30%, the battery icon becomes red.

  2. You can actually do this in our Android version. For the moment, the iOS one doesn’t separate the two yet. It might happen in the future tho!

  3. The man in the box is Motion Detection, bell is notification, Two Men is Trust Circle, and the speaker means the audio is enabled on the particular Camera.

  4. You can do this by turning Motion Detection on but notifications off. Please read more about how to set up both here:

  1. We will make other notifications (for example network notifications) available later.

  2. By design, the time stamp follows the time of your device. While showing both might be an awesome idea, it actually takes up more space on the screen than we have.

  3. Audio can only be adjusted from the Camera device to protect the privacy of Camera owner.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for replies… See my comments:

1/ Going red is not enough. I need to know if A/C is disconnected or whether it’s plugged in and charging. How about a little green lightning symbol if plugged in and charging. (i.e. think kids turning of plug sockets whilst I’m away, or knocking cable, and I don’t know)

2/ OK, this is a much needed change for ios please. Any idea when?

3/ OK

4/ Thanks (for some reason I knew that… Not sure why I asked this one)

5/ OK

6/ how about a settings option on the viewer to choose either camera/original time, or local viewer time?

7/ how about a feature whereby when you activate camera there is a very visible alert/message telling you of volume level…? (i.e. so you don’t forget and it’s too late when you leave the house)



Hey @sbeesley,

We’ll look into all this and hopefully make at least some of them a reality as soon as we can!