Alert to 2 different devices

Can motion alerts be sent to 2 different devices ? I receive alerts correctly in one device but not in the other. I can connect to the camera from the other device and also see recorded events, but alerts don’t come. Thanks

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It should be possible. Please check notifications are on and that the app has permission to send notifications.


From what i recall, i believe y can.I will confirm in one second. So I have 3 devices right now.
1 is the camera
2 viewer on tablet living room
3 on cell bedroom
And based on my quick test,

So, there’s a couple of options. In home menu, there’s option to render viewer priority to camera owner, or to render to any incoming and third option I forgot.
Also the notifications do come in but they come in slower on the camera that gave priority to incoming viewer.
Another option you can do is in the menu it gives you option to share camera with a trusted circle, so if you have alternative email address send link to yourself to that alternative email, and then log in with your other device and that link you sent yourself. Then you should be able to view from 2 devices as well as receive notifications.


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My mobile phone got the program by other . Please send me a video for check.

Yes you can. Well I can. My boyfriend downloaded Alfred on his phone and extra phone and my phone. Then after he set his up he sent me an invite to the circle of trust. I receive alerts when it’s activated or deactivated or motion activated.