Alarm if phone is tampered with


There should be a extra secuirty measure if when the device is monitoring if it is both physically touched to screen shot both the front and back camrea to find the culprit before shutting down. As well as if its hacked into and the video recorded is edited and covered up. Because it has happened to me



Thank you so much for the feedback! We will look into this idea the first chance we get. Please stay tuned! We also have some tips to protect your Camera phone!

For Android Camera, please try our passcode lock:

For iOS device, please try enable Guided Access to help you lock your phone. You can check out how here:

As Alfred adopts Google Login, you can check out the account activity through Google to see whether others log in to your Google account recently. Please see how here:

In the meantime, please change your Gmail passwords right away and enable 2-step verification to protect your Google accounts further. You can see the details below:

Hope it helps!