Aflfred without Wifi, on 3G/4G


when no wifi is available, can we use alfred only on 3G/4G network ?
can alfred also make an alert on SOUND detection (example : siren from local alarm) ?
What’s the data volume used ? when no live viewer connected, no data transfert ? record localy ? data used only on viewer (and little little on alert transmission i assume)…
The goal is to use whith prepaid data plan (1 or 2 gb), and run 2 week on this.
Thanks for your answer !!!


Hi @thierry.jardon,

Thank you for reaching out!

  1. Alfred works as long as your devices are connected to the Internet. It can be WiFi or mobile network.
  2. For the moment, Alfred does not support the Sound Detection feature. It is something we may develop in the future.
  3. Many factors have an impact on Alfred’s data consumption. The best way to find out about how much data Alfred consumes in your particular environment is setting Alfred up for a couple of days. However, we do have a rough estimate here:

Hope it helps!