Adjust/lower flashlight brightness


For those using this as a baby monitor (or another case where light could bother something in the room), I’d love the ability to adjust/lower the flashlight brightness rather than just have an on/off switch. There’s a competing baby monitor app that did this and I was happy with the feature.


Hi @markpalfreeman,

Thank you so much for reaching out!

We looked into it. Apparently it is possible on iOS devices but not yet Android ones. May we ask which app you found?

While we are at it, have you tried Alfred’s Low-Light Filter (Night Vision)? Would that be sufficient for your purpose?

Please keep us posted!


That makes sense, we are using an iPhone as the camera but Androids to view, so they must provide that feature only when they know the camera is an iOS device.

Yes, I’ve tried the night vision on Alfred! It’s the main difference between the two apps and the primary reason I switched to try Alfred. It works great in dim/low light but unfortunately at night it’s too dark and doesn’t render anything :confused: (thus the reason for this request)

The other app is Baby Monitor 3G. I’m still trying to decide which to use!


Hey @markpalfreeman,

Thanks for the reply!

Is there even a night light in your baby room? That might help.

Alternatively, taping a bit of kitchen towel over the flashlight of your Camera device should also work!

Hope this helps!