Adding infered lights


Can I add infered lights to help the night vision alfred already has in place


Hey @danielwhitlock33,

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If you add infrared lights, you might not even have to enable Alfred’s Night Vision! To improve the performance of Night Vision with no additional equipment, please check this out:


What do you mean fro my understanding alfreds night vision worked not by inhancing the light but by other means so inferred lighting will be an added improvement to the camera without night vision being turned on


Hey @danielwhitlock33,

Night Vision works by processing the images. It works best if you add a little ambient light, like a night light, light that works with motion sensor, and so on.

If you opt for infrared (although do note some phones actually filter that out, so we can’t promise it’ll work), you won’t beed to activate Night Vision.

Hope this helps!


What no one here is talking about is the fact that the motion sensor does not work through glass while the low light filter is turned on. The low light filter works great with the motion sensor turned on as long as it’s not placed looking out a window. If you’re trying to catch someone at night outside in the dark using the low light filter, the only way to record their movement is to watch the live feed yourself & press record manually when you see them!! Because the motion sensor does not work through glass. If the phone/camera is looking out a window with the low light filter turned on, the motion sensor won’t work.
This causes a major problem. I can’t place a cell phone outside & it not get stolen or I wouldn’t need Alfred in the 1st place!


It is possible to place a device outside with a little bit of DIY. Phone positioning


I have no issues with catching motion through the glass on low sensitivity. You just don’t want to have the camera aimed too far away.