Add a Delete Button for individual video

While viewing videos, where at the bottom, we are given a DOWNLOAD and a SHARE button, it would be nice to also have a DELETE button (with confirmation for safety). In it’s present state, we have to navigate around to delete and it’s confusing, leading the user to delete the wrong video. Please add this feature.


Wholeheartedly agree.



Thanks for making Alfred a better service for your feedback!

This a feature we are looking into. We will take your advice into account and discuss it with our engineering team. Please stay tuned and continue to support Alfred!

Before that, you can delete Events by following the instructions here:

Wish you the best!

Alfred is a great program concept allowing us to bring “new life” to those old “sub-AI” “smartphones”, making them “feel” they have a useful purpose in life to aid humankind. Your coding is excellent so far and has plenty of room for improvements and upgrades. I sincerely hope you add convenience to deletion of individual videos, as I have mentioned before. One last request, I hope Alfred does not build any alliances with Skynet. It could very easily turn into the “eyes and ears” of Skynet and we all know what can happen (example: Terminator series). Hahaha

Hope Alfred don’t ask you when you log in:
« Sarah Connor ??? »

When do all the features we’re looking for come about for us???
I’m looking for top customer service.

Hi Brent,

We do have considered developing this feature, but each of our versions includes a couple of new features, optimizations, and also some bugs to deal with. This is why we can’t give you the exact timeline.

However, if you are willing to provide more of your thoughts, we will certainly share them with the engineering team. Please stay tuned to future updates.

Looking forward to hearing from you!