Adapt the App for Law Enforcement use


I am a Law Enforcement Agent, I have tried to find an app like yours that can be used during undercover operations to record video and have a team member be able to view the live feed. So far I have been using Alfred, so my team members can see what is going on while I am on a undercover operation however, only being able to record for 30 seconds is not good because I would like to be able to retain the video for evidence. Could you develop a law enforcement only application that would allow for longer recording times? Also a timestamp on the video would be great. I am certain there will be numerous law enforcement agencies willing to pay for a product like this, especially if its at a reasonable cost. Thanks for your time, I look forward to hearing your reply.


The premium version of Alfred will record up to 120 seconds.



Thank you for this cool idea!

As @AccessDenied said, the time limit for Motion Event could be up to 120 seconds for Premium users. This would reduce the cases where long events are broken into multiple recordings.

In the meantime, if you are willing to provide more of your thoughts about how you’d like to use Alfred, we will certainly share them with the engineering team!


@12netmetro really ? If the law has to rely on Any Android app then society is really in a downward spiral. You should ask your government to redirect fund’s to your cause and stop wasting money pretending to put people in space.
Sorry for my rant. The app you require is a social media app like periscope, you can have multiple feeds more than one person can watch, it records which you can review after and make private or open to share. you can create a party broadcast like a trust circle so only your colleagues can view your stream and it’s free.


Law enforcement have REAL spy-cams. What agency… Bounty hunting, Cheating Spouses?

I’m sorry but I’m with @pinkylee020 on this one. If the law has to rely on Any Android app then society is really in a downward spiral.

But looking past your “Undercover Agent” story, Timestamp is already on each picture and in file details, and in the filename naming convention. And OS would organize already according to date.

To show timestamp on top of a downloaded video playback or downloaded static image while viewing using Media software other than Alfred, is definitely a good idea so you don’t have to go searching thru the filename or properties to figure out date. Agreed.

And premium does 120 seconds @AccessDenied and you only record 30secs as you mentioned, your “007” story has a bunch of holes sorry. But 420secs would be good, its the perfect time…jk… Try premium in your cheating spouses operations, 2 pump chump, 2min man, 120 sec…