Active flash on motion detection on low light


It will be helpful if led flash on cellphone auto activate on motion detector when is under low light condition


Hi @podeland,

Thank you for reaching out to Alfred!

We will look into the possibility. Since turning on flash light could generate lots of heat, for the moment, please add a bit light to optimize the performance of low-light filter. You can check out more info here:

Hope it helps!


It sounds nice but it would have to be optional. The way I have a couple of them mounted, the flash would make for a glare from the glass since they are mounted looking through windows.

For those, I put higher power 100 watt equivalent LED bulbs in my porch light fixtures and changed one of them so that more light would be available. It makes a great deal of difference.

For inside, consider instead installing a motion detector light switch that will turn on room lights when motion is detected. Because I also have that set up through my Hubitat system using the equipment I used with Iris before Lowe’s shut it down, when motion is detected during the night, the lights will come on which then provides more than enough light for Alfred’s cameras to work.