Activated motion detection needs to keep recording more than 5 seconds in case the subject is moving further from the camera

A lot of my recordings stop at 5 seconds. Why 5? These needs fixed badly. I’ve missed key activity from the recordings due to it stopping at 5 seconds.

I’ve read up on how the motion detection works in Alfred, but one thing that doesn’t seem to be accounted for is that if motion is triggered, the subject that activated the motion may be moving away from the camera. If the subject is moving away, the amount of change in the movement gets smaller as the subject gets further and further away. Due to the movement getting smaller and not significant enough, the recording stops.

Give, for example, this clip that I caught of my ornery dog.

I caught him red handed taking my favorite ball cap off the coffee table. Alfred did a great job recognizing the motion to trigger the recording. However, as my ornery dog moves further away from the camera with my ball cap, the amount of change in movement decreased enough to where Alfred shuts down recording.

If a large movement is detected, an algorithm should be added that continues to capture movement at a decrement in proportion to the size of the first movement. In other words, if a big movement was captured, keep capturing until the movement goes below a threshold that wouldn’t other wise cause motion to trigger.

BTW, I still have yet to find what he did with my ball cap! :frowning:


Hey @briankudera,

Thank you so much for reaching out!

So sorry to hear about the baseball cap! Alfred actually records 5-30 second clips depending on the movement. However, an algorithm works differently from human. Some movement that is clearly visible to us might not be considered movement by the algorithm.

Is the sensitivity level already set on high? Could you try a different setup (angle. distance…)?

Please keep me posted. Fingers crossed you’ll find your baseball cap!


How about an option to set the length manually? 30 seconds would be just about perfect ALWAYS.


Yes definitely have it set to high.

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Yes… Definitely. Or at least a super high sensitivity option.

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Sad to hear the algorithm works differently for humans. You do advertise that this is for pets as well. Does the 30 second clip also apply to pets?

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Yes please let us do that.:slight_smile:

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Hi @briankudera,

It is totally possible for Alfred to record 30-second clips of pets. Would you experiment with different setups to see which one yields the best result?

Keep me posted!

I need to resurface this discussion again, and thanks to @briankudera for bringing this up. This needs to be addressed. I have read up on why it is the way it is, but frankly, in order to keep paying users satisfied, you need to change how it works. Today I had a clip of a person very actively moving in front of the camera and it once again stopped at 5 seconds. It just doesnt make any sense considering I know there was active movement in the area for at least 2 minutes afterwards. Nothing after the 5 seconds was saved. It just doesnt make logical sense.


I would be willing to pay more to be able to add a setting: or record for N more seconds after motion is no longer detected. Alfred could even put a max to the parameter, say 15 seconds.

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This same subject keeps popping up since I have been here on the forums. I myself have posted about it. It has been at least 2 months and they still have not adjusted the motion time recording. All the time mine stops at 5 seconds because someone will stand still for a couple seconds then they move again and it missed everything they did. It is really annoying and they need to make it record longer or give us a setting for how long it records.


how we can resolve it, its important to record more than 5 second, It just doesnt make logical sense.

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I completely agree, 5 seconds is way too short. I would suggest 10 seconds or even better allow us to choose the minimum recording length. I think that would solve a lot of problems and make a lot of people very happy.

You can even monetize it by making free users only able to go up to 10 or 15 seconds and then let the premium users go up to 30 or 60 seconds.


I have someone keying my car regularly (just because it’s a Tesla probably). I need all motion events involving humans saved (on the phone is fine) until I delete them. This is how crime works. At times you don’t know it’s an event until much later. Also, it may not be convenient to view it at the moment (driving, in a meeting or phone call, getting a traffic ticket, in the middle of a ballgame, etc.) So Please allow US to determine how much to record when a person is involved.

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I would like to bump this conversation up a few notches. I agree with some others that suggest a minimum more than 5 seconds. I would prefer an option to set that it always record the max time, maybe this can be incentive for the premium so it can be set always record 2 minutes.