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We se 4 or 5 disconnections between midnight and 1.00am (in yellow)
But on the WiFi /battery level graph, we don’t see any disconnections at this time.

Why ???
Great thanks.

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Hi Stéphane,

Welcome to Alfred Center!

Here is the funny thing: your WiFi level isn’t 100% related to the number of disconnections. Your WiFi level could be just acceptable (around 50), but your Camera doesn’t get disconnected much. On the other hand, your WiFi level could be pretty good in general, but it gets disconnected a lot sometimes (for example when your provider limits the speed during peak hours).

If your WiFi signal is consistently weak, you might be able to benefit from an app called WiFi Analyzer to give you more insight on how WiFi signal looks in different spots in your place. You might need to consult a professional if a better spot can’t be found.

For more info about connectivity problems, please read:

Hope this helps!

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I understand the WiFi graph level gives only the WiFi signal strength.
Thanks Ricardo :+1: