A suggestion to make a great service even better


My indoor cameras work fine, with fast response to movement and good images, at least in daylight, but an integrated external system as a prime burglary deterrent would make Alfred the leader amongst its peers.

I have external wall mounted cameras which send alerts by WiFi through an App. There are two flaws

  1. A simple snip to my incoming server cable renders the whole system useless.
  2. Alerts can take up to 30 seconds to reach my smartphone.

So, could Alfred extend its programme to include customers choice and separate purchase of external waterproof cameras equipped with SIM cards as well as WiFi capability (for security reasons, as above)- a
List of compatible such cameras to be published by Alfred for customers to acquire.
As I see it little or no extra cost to Alfred, but a complete surveillance option for those who want it.

What do you think?



Thank you for reaching out to Alfred!

Alfred is an app that transforms smartphones/tablets into cameras. For the moment, it is not compatible with any existing IP cams/webcams/security systems on the market.

However, we will look into the possibility of integrating with Cameras on other platforms or even building a security system in the future. Would you like to help us by letting us know what features would you like us to put in as a security system? And what factors are the most important for you when choosing a security system? It would be awesome if you could tell us a bit more about your thoughts!

Hope this helps!


Hello Ricardo,
I make infrequent visits to this mailbox so please excuse my delay in replying,
A spate of burglaries in my neighbourhood has made me invest in a selection of Ring products, which has focussed my attention on its pros and cons which I think if I list them you will see how I would like to have a fully integrated camera system indoors and outdoors
So, here is a run-down on my Ring Doorbell which has a camera and two spot floodlights:-

Pros ( things to continue)
Excellent colour resolution of images
Alerts to smartphone when any camera detects movement
Adjustable sensor range and selectable zones to minimise false alerts by passing traffic etc.
Spotlight on cameras for night time recording ( not doorbell unit)
Live viewing and recorded activity in the cloud)
Ability to speak to doorbell callers or suspicious visitors elsewhere around the building perimeter

Cons(things to be improved)
Expensive when including the subscription plans circa £80 per annum
Battery powered option requires expensive batteries and recharging takes 8 hours plus a ladder to swap the high mounted cameras (doorbell swaps ok)
(Hard wired option an additional expense but a better option)
Entirely dependent on WiFi home network- burglars only have to cut incoming broadband cable to disable the whole system- cameras need data SIM cards backup to ensure continuity of coverage
System is slow to activate my iPhone so delays to answer bona fide doorbell rings inevitable- similarly with camera alerts from my other Ring external motion detector cameras
Subscription plan Is said to be optional but if not subscribed then no live viewing, nor saved recorded motion detections permitted- so if no signal to smartphone for example no record or knowledge of activity, even if only a few minutes later when signal restored- not an option at all a subscription is vital,
Cameras each cost around £200 , Doorbell similar, so 2 spotlights and doorbell about £600 , spare batteries £25 each ( makers recommend adding a 2nd battery to each spotlight unit ( all cameras and doorbell come with one battery but spotlights have provision in the unit for a second battery to extend battery life) plus £80 pa subscription. So over a period of 5 years a cost of £1000 - thus a very expensive setup and vulnerable too,

I hope this gives you an idea where Alfred could fit its designs into a more
foolproof system and even with the additional cost to customer of separately buying compatible suitably equipped cameras/doorbell this would in my opinion be a market leader assuming the free service would still be offered.
I do not know if IR detection would be a good feature as I have no experience of such but security equipment manufacturers will be able to advise on the advantages compared with or in addition to spotlight activation as I now have

If you want any further clarification or details please let me know

Best wishes for future R & D



Hey Gordon,

Thank you so much for the insight! This truly helps and brings significant meaning to our future research and development. We have already shared your ideas with our team, and we will contact you if there is further information needed in the future.

In the meantime, you are always welcome to visit Alfred Center and share your thoughts with us!

Have a nice weekend! :slight_smile: