A few major details


Not being able to access the phone when in low light mode and when the screen is touched there is a button that says Alfred camera plainly visible and if it’s touched and held down, the phone opens like a oyster basically giving the person who discovers it access to the phone


Alfred will not run in stealth mode, it’s a a prerequisite of Google play store, apparently only Google apps are allowed to do that !!! Anyhoo you should be able to lock your devices screen and still have Alfred running.
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To piggy back off of Pinky (Pinky Back?), what i did was go ahead and download an app locker, set it up so you cant use alfred, gallery/photo storage or internet without entering a passcode that is seperate from my log in screen code.

Also, dont leave your acct logged in to the Alfred webviewer page. Outside of Super Hackers, that is 3 pins/passwords someone would need use to get by your systems. *

  • i am not speaking from a “been there” state, i have tried free apps and cameras, hoping for better results tomorrow. My culprit was somehow deleting my “gotya” app photos of him, alfred seems more secure though.


@ashi_koki please keep us updated on your endeavours.