A dumb question



Hi there. Alfred is just awesome, I recommend it to everybody who needs such service.
I don’t have any problems so far, just minor bugs, but my question is regarding the video recording.
I have the cameras installed to monitor my house while I’m working, I turn the motion detection off as soon as I get home and turn it on before leaving.
I guess that the cameras record only when the motion sensor is on, thus, during the the time that is off they stop recording but can be used for viewing, is this correct?
How safe is this viewing? I mean, as long as nothing is recorded no one on-line has access to it, right?
Just wondering if there is a big brother somewhere.


Recordings are only taken when you have motion detection on, correct.

As far as the security concerns, the FAQ has you covered: Is Alfred secure?


Hi Alcides,

Thanks for reaching out to Alfred!

As @n.a.betzen said, recording Motion Events only functions when you enable Motion Detection.

But you can always watch live feed as long as the Camera is connected.

As for the safety concern, your privacy and information security are our top priorities. All your live feed and footage are transmitted directly from the Camera to the Viewer, protected by your Google account. In other words, keeping your Gmail password safe is a great start!

Hope this helps!