7007 Offline error suddenly fixed

Hi everybody, sorry if this was posted a lot…just wanted to check if somebody else had this situation. So I left my phone to record as usual and 400km after went to check the live feed… I got Wake up camera, offline, and 7007 errors, could not connect it for days. Today I opened app after almost 10 days, and everything seems to work perfectly. What could be the reason for this? I thought that maybe power went down and phone ran out of the battery… Anybody else had this? Thanks!

P.S. and back to error again…

Yes I have had the same situation so now its hard for me to check on my kids new baby sitter or check on my mom

@stella_henson just purchase a couple of proper IP cameras, you can find something basic for £20 and they are lot more reliable. You could sell your old phones buy a couple of cameras and still probably have change.