7007 connectivity error on home wifi



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  1. The Gmail account you use to sign in to Alfred (Optional): _______@gmail.com

  2. App version (You can find it on the About page): 4.1.6 2012

  3. Which device has the problem (Viewer or Camera name): viewer

  4. Description (Any screenshot or video would be very helpful):

I have a viewer running on a Galaxy S9+. I have several cameras. When my viewer is on my home wifi (using Optimum Altice 1) I get 7007 error for some of the cameras. If I switch wifi off on my viewer and use my ATT Mobile data the cameras which were offline appear online without touching any of the cameras. I also have the same problem with a web browser running on my home computer connected to the same wifi router. The camera I have problems with is also on the same wifi. I also have the opposite problem with other cameras: Viewer fails on mobile data but works on wifi.

Another hint: While my viewer is on my ATT Mobile data and seeing the camera successfully, I switch wifi on. A message comes up on my viewer after a few seconds: Server unreachable. “Please make sure … again. (7004)”

Very frustrating… I have also seen, in the past, all cameras working fine with my viewer on wifi or mobile data.

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Please try these tips below to improve the issue

Camera end

  1. ​Do NOT press the home key or power key after you open Alfred.
  2. Set your Camera in a place with stronger network reception: https://alfred.camera/forum/t/512947
  3. For Android 8.0 and higher, disable power-saving or battery optimization mode for Alfred.
  4. For ASUS, Huawei, OPPO, Xiaomi, please review additional settings here: https://alfred.camera/forum/t/1601295

Viewer end

  1. Forget the WiFi and connect to it again.
  2. Switch the Camera’s lens to front/back and switch it back.

Please let us know if the issue persists.


All of my cameras are working fine this morning without having done anything. Viewer over either wifi or mobile data works now. Yesterday some cameras were visible over mobile data while others were not. And the opposite was true over wifi, namely other cameras appeared working. I have a suspicion this may be a problem with the Alfred servers.

Regarding your instructions: I already do the camera end as you indicate. What does it mean to switch camera lens on the viewer end? What will that do?

In any case, since the camera is working perfectly while my viewer is on mobile data, switching the viewer to my wifi creates a failure to watch. How is that dependent on the camera? My viewer phone works perfectly well on wifi: speedtest shows access to internet download 115 Mbps and upload of 35 Mbps.



Addendum to previous reply. Now all my cameras seem to work on the web viewer also. Yesterday the web viewer acted just like my viewer phone on wifi, namely only a few cameras appeared operating normally. I have not touched any of the camera phones since the problem started.


Thanks for sharing your experience with us, Vace.

We gave you those instructions because there are many possible reasons which would cause the Viewer fails to build a connection with the Camera. It could be an internet issue, device issue, server issue or a temporary glitch.

It’s good to hear that Alfred is working well for you now. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any other question/feedback.


This is not the answer I was expecting. My cameras have shown offline at times and came back magically hours later with no action on my part.

The specific events I described above seems to indicate that there may have been some problems with the Alfred servers. When I connect my viewer via different internet connections I see different cameras offline or online. Were there server problems on June 4th? I would like to know because I have spent too much time trying to figure out what was going on.




We have adopted a mechanism to detect abnormality in our server. If there is any server issue, we would find out immediately and look into fixing it as soon as possible.

There was indeed a temporary glitch in our server on June 4th which affected a few users in the United States. It lasted about an hour until we fixed it completely.

We took further look on your connection logs, the disconnection issue you experienced could be triggered by the glitch. We are sorry that we didn’t notice and for the inconvenience. We will look into it more carefully next time.

Please let me know if you have other question or feedback. Thank you!


I’m having issues. I can’t connect the viewer to the cameras using my mobile phone on my mobile network and 3 other wifi networks. I can’t connect using ethernet connection on my work computer, which has extremely fast internet. There are no firewalls.


Thank you Ricardo. Other than an occasional crash on a camera phone my viewer problem is resolved since June 4th. All cameras which are up are now visible on a viewer on all networks: my home wifi, wifi elsewhere, or mobile data.