7001 Issue - can't watch live feed unless on same WiFi


It won’t let me connect to the live feed while I’m not connected to the same network as the camera. It doesn’t matter if I am on WiFi (different network than camera), 3G, or 4G. It doesn’t connect and gives me a 7001 error. I still get motion notifications and can view the motion events. However, I get the 7001 error every time I try to view the live feed. As soon as I connect to the same network as the camera, the live feed works flawlessly. Please let me know what I can do to fix this. Thanks.

Which device has the problem? Viewer
Device Model Name: Google Pixel 2 XL
OS Version: Android 8.1.0
AppVersion: version 3.10.26 (build 1518)


Hi @bpdamas,

Thank you for reaching out to Alfred!

What you describe is relatively rare. Could you try a different Wifi set up of your Camera Phone and see whether the situation persists? It looks more like the internet connection between two devices has some issue on Camera Phone’s Wifi setting.

Keep us posted!


I tried connecting it to a different WiFi network and it seems to work fine on a different network. How can I get it to work on the network that it is not working on?


I had that same issue when my camera phone was using a router wifi connection that was connected to my modem via ethernet. They both had local network IP ranges that were different. I could not connect to the camera unless I was on the router IP range, nothing else worked.

You don’t by chance have the same setup do you? I connected my camera to my modem wifi and since then I can access it from 3G, 4G, any wifi or a wired connection to the modem.

EDIT: my old setup was MODEM (with 192.168.1.x subnet) -> ethernet cable to wifi router (with 192.168.0.x subnet). The camera was behind a 2nd subnet with double NAT from the modem and router combined. I could not access the cam from my PC while connected to the modem. I plugged into the wifi router and it worked though. I removed the router and using the modem (has wifi built in) only now with no issues. The only way around this setup if your modem does not have wifi on it, is to bridge the modem and let the router handle all the other stuff.

If this doesn’t help, sorry for wasting your time reading this.


So, I guess there is no fixing this if I don’t have access to the router or modem? This is ridiculous as I have no other issues with any other apps connecting remotely.