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Can an iMac be turned into a camera? Or only mobile devices?


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Alfred is an app that transforms smartphones/tablets into cameras. For the moment, it is not compatible with any existing IP cams/webcams/security systems on the market.

The great news is Alfred’s iOS and Android versions are 100% compatible, and you can add as many Cameras as you want!

We also have some tips for scoring new Camera devices for cheap here:

Hope it helps!


I’m not sure why people are saying it drains your battery ??? My Alfred/ Old Phone is on 24/7 and it’s BY FAR THE BEST FREE SECURITY APP
I love it !!!;;


You can also run today random time Auto timer, so that it never starts at the same time. The problem with this form though is that these are probably reading the same information that we normal lized citizens are doing right now.


You can also try Facebook Marketplace and search for people locally who are selling old phones. And get it and find a good price. Can also go to a place like Walmart and my sheep new phone for around 25 bucks and just use it as Wi-Fi. Check with your family to see if they have any old phones lying around and drawers they no longer use and are the latest model and update that you can find


Make sure there is no other apps or background services running. Before using my phone for Alfred I did a factor reset and deleted or removed everything that wasn’t to do with either Alfred app or my WiFi connection. It’s only a little cheap lg100 but has no problem. I also tried this on an older HTC one X but had over heating problems which it had had previously. This might be something to do with the built-in battery. I know you can get little USB fan’s to help with cooling. Maybe a handy idea it you are in a hot country.


have you tried emulating android in the pc?


I had the same issue of phonns not charging enough and eventually dieng. However I found out that if I used a 2 amp charger the phone and would stay charged to 100% and would not die. The other chargers were only 1 amp and not enough to keep up. Hope this helps


@julianhawkins78 older blackberry chargers with micro USB have a 1.5 amp output. You might find 2amp a bit aggressive, keep an eye on the batt. Temp.
Edit. Just double checked the figures, you should be good upto 2.1 amp. Still watch the temperature.


@julianhawkins78 you could also use other software

PC/laptop as a security camera 'NOT ALFRED"


iPhones will disconnect from wifi when sleeping mode. I used an iPhone 6for camera and it was pretty descenti never experienced the problem you speak of but I do know they disconnect to preserve battery and data, I changed to a HTC 8&9 and both have very good pictures, even in the dark.


If your device charges slow “it doesn’t matter if the charger came from the manufacturer of your device” you should be using a higher amperage charger like 2.0 amps - 2.4 amps and the voltage should be 5.0 - 5.2 volts. Your device could also not support a higher amperage or volts. If it doesn’t then you should try and use a different device.


Я купил премиум изображение не изменилось.
что за развод???


Hi @djivanofff55 ,

Thank you for supporting Alfred!

We’re sorry that there might have been a temporary glitch. Do the ads still pop up? For premium users, Alfred provides HD viewing/recording, ad removal, 30-day storage, and Zoom. Would you tell us what you’ve experienced more specifically?

Any screenshots or videos will be helpful!

Keep us posted.


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Great tip and I do this when out for more than a day. One added thought I like to use older style type instead of digital ones. Older ones turn on and off more randomly.


I concur with the apps and steps you referenced here. Ampere and WiFi Analyzer are both excellent apps just like Alfred.


Pour éviter que votre chargeur du smartphone ne chauffe et crée un cour-circuit, branchez-le sur un programmateur journalier avec un programme de coupure de 2 fois une heure à 12 heures d’intervalle. Cela permettra au chargeur et à la batterie de refroidir correctement. :wink:


I love Alfred no problems at all :100::100:


Try to factory reset usually you just have a lot of junk on your phone draining your battery