7 Ways to Protect Your Home When You Are Away



It’s the holiday season! or the prospect of a vacation. How can you protect your home when you are away? Check out these 7 tips from Alfred, a free app that turns smartphones into home security cameras.

Protecting Your Family Can Be This Easy!

1. Make sure your doors and windows are properly locked

This might seem basic, but you’d be surprised to find out how many people actually forget about it. Research has pointed out that thieves pick EASY targets, so don’t make your house one of those!

2. Hold the mail

An overflowing mailbox is a good indicator that nobody has been home for a while. Suspending newspaper/magazine subscription, asking your local post office to hold your mail, or asking your neighbors to empty your mailbox are all good ways of preventing this.

3. Install Alfred & turn on Motion Detection

Alfred is a free app that turns smartphones into home security cameras, and it boasts the simplest setup in the industry! Alfred supports multiple devices, so you can easily build a DIY home security system. Simply download Alfred on all the devices, log in with the same Gmail, and set them as Camera/Viewer respectively. As long as all the devices are connected to the Internet, you can find out what’s going on at home anywhere you are!

4. Add friends, family, & neighbors to Alfred’s Trust Circle

Trust Circle is one of Alfred’s best features. It allows you to share Camera access while keeping your Gmail password safe. If you add friends, family, or neighbors to your Trust Circle, they can help keep an eye on your house as well!

5. Leave no trace on social media

We know, we know. You want your friends to know you are on the best beach ever, but hold that thought! You simply never know who is going through your comments or feed. Just to be safe, save those holiday pics and post them later!

6. Leave the curtains open

This might seem counter-intuitive, but open curtains allow your neighbors or even passers-by to figure out something might be going wrong. Moreover, drawn curtains are a dead giveaway that nobody is home!

7. Garden maintenance

Dying plants and overgrown lawns tip thieves off easily. Try to make sure your plants are watered and someone is there to tend to your lawn to create an illusion that you are not away!

How do you keep your home safe when you are enjoying your vacation? Reply to this post and let us know!

Keep your property and parcels safe during the holiday season

Everyone wants to protect their loved ones and ensure their safety. You don’t need ADT, Vivint, or Simplisafe to do that. Unlike traditional CCTV systems, you can place Alfred anywhere and change the setup as often as you want wherever you need to reinforce security. Spotted unusual activity on the street? Make Alfred guard your driveway. Working on a home renovation project? Set Alfred up in the storage area. How about obvious spots such as the front door or ground window? You don’t even have to buy a Nest Cam, Ring, or webcam. Besides the cost of the equipment, these smart home appliances often charge a monthly fee. With Alfred, there is no complicated installation, wiring, IP settings, or contract. You only have to download Alfred to build a DIY home security system: pure and simple.

Besides the capacity of streaming live feed of your home, Alfred keeps you updated on what is going on in your home with motion sensor and instant alerts. If you see an intruder, you can scare him away by speaking through the walkie-talkie and immediately notify the local authorities. The videos are kept safe in the free cloud storage, and they can be saved or downloaded as evidence to help identify the suspect. If you are away, give camera access to your neighbors or friends in the neighborhood so that they can respond to any emergency situations that might arise.

Consider the following scenario: when holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday approach, the number of parcels everyone receives increases. Unfortunately, so do the parcel theft cases. UPS tracking and Fedex tracking do not keep your precious parcels safe! If you check a crime map, you will see that burglary happens more often than you can imagine. How can you deter parcel thieves? Besides becoming part of the Crime Stoppers and neighborhood watch, you should make Alfred guard the entrance of your place and keep an eye on your property as well as purchases. With the walkie-talkie feature, you can talk to the delivery man, postman, as well as anyone suspicious. You will also be able to record videos to present to the local authorities as evidence.

Wanna try out DIY home security? Here’s why you should!

Build your FREE home security system by downloading Alfred:

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I like your idea! Ok i will try next summer


Buy a programmable electric timer. Configure it to be included in certain hours. Connect through the lamp. This will give a special effect of the presence in the morning and evening, for example.


Hey @amchalkin,

Thanks for sharing the great tip! This definitely helps deter thieves!


Your app drains all of the power from the phones even when they are plugged in. So how do I restart everything? Even when the phone power back up the Alfred app has to be restarted.


Hey @337sas318,

Thank you for reaching out!

We are sorry to hear you have been experiencing charging problems. Could you tell us what models your Camera Phones are, how long they have served (both as phones and as Camera devices), and what type of charging accessories you use? Normally if you use charging accessories from manufacturers, you’d experience fewer charging problems.


I am facing the same issue! Both camera and viewer devices are Samsung note 4 with andriod 6.01 I use their original chargers. when I try to monitor the room and open the viewer I found that the camera device can not view more than 43 minutes while its already connected to the electricity through the original charger and the battery status is very good. This is realy the only disadvantage of Alfred which made me look for another app/way to monitor my home.


I have same problem with battery and staying charged even when plugged in


I’m using a xpería as camera and to view a Samsung S5 with no problems on charging or view for long periods of time and connection it’s good always


Hi @perjen352,

Thanks for reaching out!

Would you like to check how well your charger/charging accessories are functioning?

This should help you weed out the ones that don’t work very well!



No charging or charging slowly… Died battery after a week although plugged in!!!


Hi @belal.hussein,

Thanks for joining us at Alfred Center!

May I ask if you are using charging accessories from the manufacturer? Charging accessory quality plays a huge part here!


Hi i Connect on iPhone 7 to a cámara and i have a iPhone 6 Plus to viewer but when the phone is loked i can see any thing the phone said this cámara is not conected and I all ready touch the slow motion but it doesn’t work can somebody help me to figured this please


Hi @bettyacha9,

Thanks for reaching out!

Please do not press the power key on your Camera device. When you do it, Alfred goes to the background, and it is no longer connected anymore!

If you want, you can activate Guided Access to make sure your account stays protected:

Hope this helps!


Quale applicazione hau trovati in alternativa ad alfred che ha questa anomalia che hi riscontrato anche io ma in meno di 43 minuti.


Hi @rossiagusto,

Thank you for joining us at Alfred Center!

It seems like both your WiFi connection and power supply are extremely unstable. Could you improve both and try again? Here are some tips you might find helpful:


Cheap phone from Walmart and it works great


Those auto lamp timers actually attract savvy theives these days. A better anti-theft measure to employ is get a WiFi smart socket plug. About the same price as a auto-timer too . It also, can be turn a lamp on and off while you’re away. Diverting would-be theives. Except the brilliance of the WiFi socket is it can be turned on and off remotely by you, no matter where you are, at any given time. Thus giving it an actual humanized touch. Just like your Alfred camera! You then are adding extra safeguard against thieves aware of auto-timers and the overly precise time schedule they run on. And all theives know about auto-timers these days, so running one is another thing that should be on the this list as obvious tip-offs theives use to determine an empty house…


Does it have to stay connected to Wi-Fi in order to record?


Hi @shaineshia.randle201,

Thank you for reaching out!

Yes, the Camera Phone needs Internet connection to record and notify the Viewer. It can be WiFi or mobile network, but in our experience WiFi works better in most cases.

Hope this helps!