7 Things That Burglars Don't Want You to Know



Home burglaries happen more often than you can imagine, but only a small percentage of burglars are ever caught. Is your house an easy target? Check out the 10 things that might make it so!

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1. Non-Urban Areas

The farther apart the houses are, the more vulnerable they become. Your neighbors might live too far, and it takes a lot more time for the police to patrol the area. Therefore, the thieves can basically operate when few people or even nobody is around. Make sure your house is well-protected against burglaries if you live in a non-urban area.

2. Broken Doors and Windows

If anything is broken, especially anything visible, fix it as soon as you can. Broken doors and windows mean the thieves have an easy way in.

3. Unlocked Tool Sheds, Windows, or Doors

The thieves will have access to ladders and tools, which facilitates the process of breaking in. Likewise, a simple absent-minded mistake could really cost you. Even in summer, make sure everything is closed and locked before heading out to work as well as bedtime.

4. Empty Boxes of Valuables

Did you buy a new TV? Monitor? Sound system? Cut the cardboard boxes into smaller pieces and make sure they are hidden from sight. If you leave the empty boxes lying around, the burglars will immediately know your house is a lucrative job.

5. If Your House Has Been Broken Into…

It is a well-established fact that burglars try to hit the same house twice. They already know the layout and the alarm system (or lack thereof). Moreover, they know that after a few weeks, the valuables they took away have probably been replaced by the insurance company. Reinforcing home security is one of your top priorities after a burglary.

6. If Your Neighbors’ Houses Have Been Broken Into…

Houses in the same area often share the same layout, which means the burglars have this to their advantage. In any case, it will be considered an easy area.

7. Oversharing on Social Media

Going out tonight? Going on holiday? Refrain from sharing that selfie on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram until you are back home. You just never know who is browsing through your profile/feed.

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