7 Simple Tips to Stay Cool

Here is a question we get from the Alfredians from time to time:” my camera phone feels warm to the touch. Is that normal?” While it is perfectly normal for a device that is running nonstop to produce some heat, we can see why it’s a concern. Here are 7 simple tips to keep your camera cool!

1. Use charging accessories from the original manufacturer

We have all been tempted by cheap batteries, but the quality is very often unreliable. Whenever possible, use the charger and battery from the manufacturer. It could make a big difference!

2. Use a charger with timer

This prevents the battery from being constantly charged.

3. Unplug the device for a couple of hours a day if you can

Between getting home and going to bed, give your Camera Phone a little break.

4. When you don’t need Motion Detection, disable the Camera device from your Viewer device with Alfred’s Remote Switch:

5. Take off the Case

Your camera phone can’t really benefit much from a case anymore, plus it traps the heat. Taking the case off helps keep the phone cool!

6. Location, Location, Location

Avoid setting Alfred up where the sun directly hits.

7. Tape It

Taping Alfred to the wall is one of the simplest way of setting it up, plus the cool surface helps diffuse the heat!

We hope these tips help keep your Alfred nice and cool! Check out Alfred’s 100 Poses for inspiration for setting it up!


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