7 Ideas for Repurposing Your "Old" Smartphones


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Thanks for your sharing. I’m an Apple fans and I have owned an old iPhone 4. I know it supports to connect data and play my favorite Spotify music, but the loading speed is too long. Therefore, I have download Spotify songs on Mac for free and imported these tracks to my iPhone for offline playback.


This is one of the best police scanner apps i personally have come across. Hope our helps you.



Why use an old smartphone if you can use a device with full kit of functions availiable? I truly don’t get the purpose. The old fashioned device will never replace the originally created one. I have a white noise machine at home and use it to lullaby my son. It works quite well with him as he is a bit active in the night when he has to close his eyes. It’s a Lectro Fan (link) one.


Thanks to Alfred I found out where all my stuff kept disappearing to! I’d come home and things would be moved or missing at first I thought it was just me but after I hooked up Alfred I found out it was my girlfriends son !!! now I know , O I know



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Thanks, I have the old smartphones, but it cant’ install the Spotify app, so I have to use the spotify music converter to help me download the songs for offline listening too. Thanks to the great technology today, I can re use my favorite old phones.


Its is however against the law and the peace respect and dignity of the United states. To encrypt public information in which scrambling the radio frequency of the peoples policy makers and policy enforcement is in direct violation of the first amendment.why would we the people hide our own public information from ourselves? Have we became our own enemy or is it our government in which has become the enemy of the state by becoming it’s own personal entity with it’s own evil agenda to plot against us …how long will we allow this tyranny …??___


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My old phone?

  1. Monitor my mom. She prefers to live alone in the apartment 20 kms from me despite 85 yo, with severe visual impairment and history of stroke. Sigh.
    With old smartphone ($25 and $5/month net surcharge ) and Alfred, I can go to work with peacefull mind.
    I am not a hero. Just ordinary human who have good luck that my mom still live and alive though has some disabilities.

  2. As the backup phone. SIM swapping is (not?) easier and faster than charging with powerbank.

  3. Netfix while making a call/do the work/finish the job, etc, with the new phone.


It would be good for everyone to have a good manual time piece of somesort in their home. Were missing 7 minutes of last year. Doesnt sound like much but it makes ya wonder what else is happening with time. Jus trying to give some good advise


Hmmm… Are you a Flat Earther?


I am one with the theory that we live on a big spinning ball floating aimlessly through an ever expanding eternity for absolutely no reason whatsoever and the reason we don’t feel like we are on a spinning ball is because of the magic of gravity that can effect different objects and molecules in different ways depending on what mood it’s in. Yep that all sounds perfectly plausible to me. Now where’s my fluoride tables ?


That’s hilarious.
Accurate, but hilarious.
I also like the magic of life and how it took billions of years for all life forms to what we all are today… Alfred security camera subscribers and the animals that get caught on camera.


Ah I think you are referring to the Theory of evaluation ? As depicted in reverse in the classic infomercial.

It must be true if it’s on YouTube.


Goodness. I won’t need that here. The only patrol wandering where I live is me lol!


KODI Media Player, Setup and Watch Live TV and Movies



Nice to see other apps being put forward that I have already suggested. Makes me feel good to know that people are reading my earlier posts and learning from them and sharing them with others.


Thanx i already Do a few of those myself I use my tablet and my other cellphones to play music in stuff and control my Alfred with my regular phone but I do have one problem the person who taught me about using my old cell phones in downloading Alfred hes the 1 that was actually monitoring me and watching me through the app so now I have already went bought a new phone and spent so much money on trying to fix my phone because he is the 1 that was at but he was the 1 that is actually tracking me and putting bugs on my headphones and stuff so he actually is watching me through my email accounts that hooked up to Alfred which I have already paid my membership is there any way that I can change to a new email that I make and not have him be able to access me through all of my cameras because hes been watching me ever since and deleting my videos in you guys still have night give me back the videos from when I went to Reno there would be Saturday and Sunday that 21st through the 24th of March


@rhersh525. Click the link and delete any devices you don’t recognize. Change your password. Set up two step security. Even set up a new Gmail account and ask Alfred to assign your subscription to the new account.