7 Ideas for Repurposing Your "Old" Smartphones


I have a feeling dudes name is michael, however misspelled michsel…like he misspelled & fucked up his entire post. Just an assumption tho. I mean, just reread ur post to make sure its eligible


I use one for an alarm clock… and another good thing is like a news and weather viewer. Then i use one for radar… all kinds of goodies these things can be used for.


Use the website Broadcastify, police scanner for the entire USA state by state


Oh my goodness. A smart mirror for my bathroom? I’m not sure, but it sounds like a smart mirror is going to be telling me things about my refection that I’d rather not know. Thanks, but I think I’ll stick to the old school mirror and bad lighting that lies to me. lol


I’ve found it good practice to take the log out of my eye before trying to remove the splinter from that of another’s. Just saying. :blush:


doorstop, paperweight, throwing weapon, catapult ammo, flyswatter/spider crusher


Boa tarde.
eu uso como camera para monitorar a minha casa 24hs, mesmo quando estamos em casa. é show de bola. Amei, estão de parabéns.


You say eligible but I believe you meant legible??


Dude, your the MAN. I just checked and my obd has Bluetooth baked in, I didn’t have a clue.


Use your phone eddd as a paper weight


I have a wonderful app for a police scanner so the purple one if you message me I’ll try to send you a copy or screen picture off my screensaver it’s the best one I have and I’ve been using it for 2 years I hear the county and both Prescott and Prescott Valley I hear it all


Hola estas ahí quieres hacer cosas


“legible”…sorry, I’m a proofreader


@rchlstf eye nose wha he mented


You can download the ROKU app & use it for a ROKU remote control if you need one.
Or you can turn it into a remote just to mess with your wife when she turns the TV on a chick flick.


I usually do an app called scanner radio its looks like i little walkie talkie and has an orange background its called scanner radio but itll pick up and scanners in your area you just tell it which one you wanna listen to itll also record it to and you can listen to past radio scanners as well…hope it helps


Hej mzete postaviti sa drzacom za auto.


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Yeah, you always want things legible! Then maybe they’re eligible "-


it’s depend on your cammera quality