7 Ideas for Repurposing Your "Old" Smartphones


Are they on Apple store as well?


What is this app you talk saying about??


How do I get it setup as a scanner for driving?


There are tons of scanner apps. Go to your app store.


I like to use a dash cam app for my android I have a favourite called CamOnRoad, More reliable than a cheap to average priced dash cam and defiantly higher spec.


Most phone cameras do not have infrared lighting. Also clarity depends on both the quality of the camera and the upstream speed of your internet signal.


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Are you ok? You seem to be having some trouble.


This one works good


could u please send me a link for obd…$15.


Hello russellbass71, just search eBay Bluetooth obd, this will give you many choices, buy read reviews some have better connection and can read more codes. Cheers Oscar


Duck cam. For watching the eggs hatch. So cute! I love ducklings:) also you can use your old phone as a dog monitor when your not home


Music player ? Newpipe it’s YouTube with out the annoying ads. CamOnRoad hi spec dashcam. Kodi centralised and networked media center and file sharing with samba remote access. Also turn your phone into a Bluetooth or networked remote keyboard and mouse with a few different apps available. Also you could put Alfred on it put it in front of your monitor and make it a monitor monitor.


You canal download the app cam Scan !it’s a pocket Scan device! :wink:


What kind of app is the best


Download scanner app


Want to use your phone as a satnav but don’t want Google to know where your going ?

Maps & GPS Navigation OsmAnd+ (Global Mobile Map Viewing & Navigation for Offline and Online OSM Maps) - https://f-droid.org/app/net.osmand.plus

F-droid is the place to find all your free and open source Apps.


Can you please tell me How can I do that?


@jnena80 there are many Apps available such as https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.andreas1724.bigdigitalclock and others.


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