7 Ideas for Repurposing Your "Old" Smartphones


At the rate smartphones and tablets are replaced nowadays, most people have several spare devices sitting around. They are too good to be thrown away, too old in comparison with the latest and the greatest, and they’re not worth the trouble for selling second-hand. In the end, they just sit in the drawers collecting dust.

You know what? It doesn’t have to be that way! Here are 7 ideas for repurposing your “old” smartphones.

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1) Home security camera, baby cam, nanny cam, pet cam, home care cam

Download Alfred on your old iPhone, iPad, iPod, or any Android smartphones/tablets you have and instantly turn them into a surveillance camera with walkie-talkie, motion detector, and night vision! In comparison with traditional CCTV systems or security cameras you can buy, Alfred requires no installation, wiring, or even IP pairing. It’s as simple as downloading, logging in, finding the perfect setup for your use case, and you are ready to go!

Do you need inspiration for finding the best way to set up your Camera Phone? Check out our examples!

2) GPS navigator

Download Google Maps, Waze, or InRoute, and you have yourself a GPS navigator.

3) Music player

Get a dedicated music player by downloading Spotify, Deezer, or Shazam. This ensures the music won’t be cut when you receive a phone call.

4) Fitness device

If you use your smartphone as a run tracker, your worst nightmare would be accidentally dropping the phone and breaking the screen during your run. Try running apps like Strava, FitBit, Nike+ Run Club, or Garmin on an old phone instead. It’ll hurt a lot less in the worst case scenario.

5) Bitcoin miner

Guess what? As long as a device has computing capacity, you can upcycle it to be part of a Bitcoin mining rig! This is probably not for everyone, but check out Samsung’s Galaxy Upcycling project if you are interested!

6) e-Reader

Try Amazon Kindle, Google Play Books, or iBook.

7) White noise machine

Don’t rush out to buy a white noise machine if you find it hard to fall asleep! You can easily turn an old phone into one by downloading a white noise generator app from Google Play Store or App Store.

Why throw away perfectly usable devices and buy more equipment when you can upcycle, recycle, and repurpose old devices? We’d love to hear how you reuse your old phones!

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You can use as a nice, accurate digital clock as well…


Or a dedicated news channel with constant police scanner for the garage enthusiasts


How do I use it as a scanner please


Hi @lickez,

Do you mean a QR code scanner? There is a number of apps that do this!


No…he means a police scanner. It would let you hear the dispatch & police radio calls…& there are many apps for those as well.


urah the police scanner used to have one but it just got harder to pick anything up it is good listening when at work sat board do u know how I can do it and what apps do I need thanks


a lot of the police channels have gone to encrypted signals. unfortunately there is not a way to listen to many of them anymore


productivity apps for everything

bubble levels to remote control anything with certain low kb programs


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Night shooting not clear.

Outside my house
Turn on the lights
Still not clear.


You can listen to most actual calls, but they are recorded. So what you can hear is delayed. Still fun listening. I listen to Orange County Sherriff and CHP.


Smart mirror.for your bathroom. So many DIY projects on YouTube they look amazing and so cheap and easy to make. Lots of apps available to customise how u want ur mirror to look like. News feed, appointments time alarm clock etc, etc… X


Look up a app called radio scanner on Google play.Ypu must have data or wifi running on the phone for the scanner to work though.


What app does this I know the radio scanner i use picks up police scanners no phone calls though that would be fun recorded or not.


Broadcastify or radio reference on playstore.


ขอบคุณค่ะ. ลองใช้แล้วดีมากค่ะ ใช้ง่ายกว่าที่คิดขอบคุณค่ะ


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Use the Bluetooth function on Android or wifi on IOS buy a $15 obd II adapter. Pair and watch in real time your cars computers info, speed, vacuum, air to fuel mix, O2 sensor, read dtc and clear while moving to check operations.


Search police scanner n u may have 2 dry different apps for your area.