5 Tips for Making Alfred the BEST PET CAM



Thank you for developing this great app. I would like some extra features like password on viewer and password on camera.
Another feature I would like is to be able as viewer or as camera to see who of shared is actually watching at that moment online. Or how many viewer you got logged in and maybe forgot about.



And also location activation would be nice.


Or a warning for viewer when somebody you shared with is logging in.


Ok, sorry, but also a log file would be great to see if your camera was truly online or active all the time. And who was watching at a certain time.


And stealth mode would be nice.


Or a timer when you want camera to be active. So you can work more efficient on battery.


Might be a silly question but I have not figured out how to erase the videosame
. Can you please tell me how to delete the videos at i do not want to keep.


Hi @journey2divine,

Thank you for reaching out!

All your Events are kept for 7 days before they are automatically deleted. If you want to manually delete the videos, please follow the instructions here:

If you want to save any of them, please check this out!

Hope this helps! Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have more questions!


Hi thanks for this very nice app i do have a request ,I would like to know if alfred can be set on motion detection so that it sent only a picture and not a video , as it use a lot of data and is costly ± 50 rand for 5 min of video , secondly how do i set it up without a sim card as it is claimed ,my biggest problem is the cost of data , can i reduce it?


Hi @donalfredcam,

Thank you for reaching out!

Alfred’s Motion Detection captures 5-30 second clips. They are compressed and then sent to your Viewer Phone. Do you have a WiFi connection at home? You can connect your Camera to your home WiFi so you don’t have to pay extra for mobile data!

Hope this helps!


Thanks it do , but what can i do to make it more afordable as i need this at veldstations to protect my cattle from be taken by thieves , this is why i want it to send me only a mmsfoto as it pick up a motion just to alert me about it .is it possible ,Thankyou for your quick respons


sorry then after the mms then i can switch to video to look what is going on


Hi @donalfredcam,

Thanks for sharing more info!

Unfortunately, for the moment Alfred’s Motion Detection only records clips. I assume you get a lot of notifications because the cattle constantly moves. Have you tried to lower the sensitivity level maybe?


yes it did help but then it create its own problems , can i ask if you can look at such a additional option as a add on it also work better on night vision if you add the ir leds of a old sv cam onto the phone then it is ecelent
thanks again


Cool! Exellent tips! Love it!:slight_smile:️:heart_eyes::smiley:


Long press on each video


How come my nightbvision is not clear like befire when i first got alfred setup? Thank you more


Hi @sohail.habiby,

Thank you so much for reaching out!

We actually haven’t changed much at all about the Low-Light Filter feature. Did anything change in your environment? It could be your setup and so on!

To get the most out of the feature, please check out the tips in the following link:

Hope this helps!


Hi all,

As my using experience, the power cord is always annoying. I just found a project on Kickstarter which can solve our problems like that. Check this out if it helps us improve using experience : ) http://kck.st/2uBODGm


Mine works great for my cat. I have a night light by her food & litter box & get get good video with the main light off & only the night light.