5 Reasons Why You Need Alfred as Pet Cam

Alfred is the best home security app. That much we know. What can Alfred do besides guarding your home? How about making it your pet cam? Here are 5 reasons why you need to do it.

One: In case you miss your pets at work

Kids have nannies. Kids go to daycare. Pets on the other hand, are mostly home alone all day. User survey has showed that Alfred helps owners feel emotionally connected to their pets when they cannot be physically present. If you are feeling low at work, turning on your Alfred pet cam can make all the difference in the world!

Two: Motion Detection helps you figure out what they are up to

Yes, there is a stalker in all of us. That’s what makes it so tempting to set up a pet cam and find out what the fur babies are up to besides dozing off! Alfre alerts you with push notification when motion is detected, so you know exactly what they are doing.

Three: Your pets did something funny? Here is a video clip to remember that moment by

Alfred’s Motion Detection triggers recording, plus you get to share the link to the video clip with friends and family if you choose to. Be it a kitten/puppy chasing after its own tail or a dog rolling around on the sofa, you will be able to relive the moment countless times!


Four: Two-Way Talk stops unwanted behavior

Pets, however well-trained, could be tempted to do something forbidden when nobody is around to stop them. Behavioral problems could take a long time to go away, and we can’t all just hire a dog whisperer/cat whisperer/pet communicator to do the job. As a result, pet cam is your best bet! Besides alerting you what your pets are up to, Alfred gives you the possibility of speaking to them and making sure they know it is not OK to go through the trash/scratch the furniture/pee on the carpet. Given enough time, you might even be able to figure out why the behavioral problems happened in the first place.

Five: Alfred is a free app that could save you hundreds of dollars in vet bill

Alfred helps you monitor your pets’ food/water intake as well as bathroom habits, which is valuable in spotting early signs of diseases. For multiple pet owners, it is hard to tell which pet might be developing a condition. This is you need to set Alfred up as your pet cam today! A user made the following comment:” My cat has chronic renal failure. I have set up Alfred as pet cam to monitor how much water is consumed, as well as how long it takes for my cat to finish using the litter box. If it takes too long, I can already schedule a vet appointment before getting home. The situation is much more manageable with Alfred!”

What are you waiting for? Install Alfred on two (or more) phones, log in from the same Gmail account, and experience the power of your new pet cam!

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