4 Simple Tips for Better Home Surveillance Video Quality

If you follow us on Facebook (you really should. Just saying!), you might know that the biggest news this week is Alfred actually helped a user after an unfortunate case of burglary. Her house was broken into by three burglars, and she needed the video clips as evidence against them in court. Long story short, Alfred saved the day! The camera phone captured multiple clips of the thieves entering and exiting her house. She managed to recover the stolen property, and the police were impressed by the app. All was right in the world.

While our team of hardworking engineers can surely take some credit, the user certainly did her part. We thought we’d share 4 tips for better home surveillance video quality!

Wipe Your Lenses:

This might seem laughably basic, but if you search for tutorials for better phone photography, this is often one of the first things they mention. Many people notice a declining photo/video quality the longer they’ve had their smartphones, but most of them do not realize it’s because the lenses are no longer clean. Wipe yours with a soft, clean cloth. Avoiding touching them because the grease on your fingers will result in blurry images.

Turn on Auto Update

Our team of brilliant engineers are constantly trying to make Alfred better. With the latest update, Alfred automatically turns on night vision when there isn’t enough light. If your Alfred is somewhere high up and you can’t be bothered to take it down for updates, remember to turn on auto update so you won’t miss out on all the great new features!

Gimme Some Light:

While Alfred automatically enables night vision, the golden rule of photography is to get the light right. Ambient light, be it natural daylight during daytime or motion detector lighting during nighttime, enhances photo/video quality greatly. Remember our post about burglary a little while back? Installing Alfred as well as motion detector lighting in these areas would be a great idea!

Place Alfred Strategically

Make sure Alfred is positioned strategically so it has a good angle, is steady, and isn’t blinded by backlight. Experiment until you figure out the best way and place to set Alfred up. Need inspiration? Check out Alfred’s 100 Poses!