3 Tips for Setting Alfred up Outdoors/on the Driveway



Just caught my roommate in my room stealing thanks to alfred!


Hey @ayhassinger,

Thank you so much for sharing! I hope you’ll be able to sort this out with her and that it won’t ever happen again!

PS: To make sure your Camera device can’t be turned off now that she knows it’s there, please remember to enable Passcode Lock:


Great thread. I’m trying to come up with a way to block out certain portions of the camera’s view like trees that keep triggering motion detection.


Just wondering why my camera that is an allwinner 7 inch tablet has stopped alerting me when there is motion detected and what do I do about this?? Thanks


Hi @poopshoopcoup80,

Thank you for reaching out!

Has the problem persisted? For the moment, I can’t seem to find this device in our system. Have you deleted it?

Keep me posted so I can take a closer look!


I had a phone that was connected for months to the AC adapter. Inevitably, the battery started to swell and the phone stopped working. There I learned that is always good practice to check the phone often to make sure something like this doesn’t happen (worst case scenario, the battery could blow up and cause a fire or something like that). Now I have the phone connected to a plug timer. That way it is not charging 100% of the time and allows the battery to drain a bit before charging it again. It has worked for me for many months. Hope this helps.

Neat Ideas

I like this setup. But if you haven’t got a wooden panel to drill through try something like this Phone positioning


What kind of timer did you use?


I actually used an old waterproof Kyocera hydro for my outside camera, been out there almost a year now and keeps working great. I only had to put a drop of hot glue into the headphone jack


Just one of those regular plug timers. I got mine at Walmart under $5.


Yes, you can keep phone plugged in to keep it charged


So happy for u, I’m hoping to catch the maintenance guy at my town home stealing from us. He has been in our home (thru a basement window) took my son’s safe with his lifes savings in it. Also he has been caught in both my husband and my son’s cars. He ran both times but now I will have solid proof for the police


I think she knows that she have to pay ten dollars a night for her guest now. No more sneaking people in my Airbnb hahahaha!



You are an amazing Social Network Coordinator. I’ve been reading your replies and follow-ups to users, customers, and potentials. I love the clarity, and empowerment you give back. Not only the initial response is detailed, but your loyalty to give whoever initially reaches out, speaks volumes for not only your character, and performance, but it creates value added to the brand. Amazing job! Responding with business professionalism with attention to detail is a learned skill in which you have mastered but to reach a customer base at an empathic level is only natural to a few in tune with the universe! Thank you for being you! Because of just your replies, and your dedication to this brand I have switched from a potential, to a user. t


If the user has saved the video, it may be a good marketing opportunity for this brand to ask for the rights or use permission of the video and the feedback. A further request for a creation of a shprt video feedback clip would add to a good promotional video for this app. If the user was able to assist in apprehension of the perpetrator, a mugshot or public record of charges would all aid as supporting material to this feedback. Nothing is better than customer feedback to aid as marketing material, but to have conviction evidence for a brand producing publically accessible DIY security tools, thats a gold medal. :1st_place_medal:


With the device constantly not asleep, connected to wifi, transferring data to the cloud, and accessed through a second device for live feed or playback, have you figured out any appropriate on/off sequence for the timer to allow for appropriate drain? What is the maH of the battery? Does the device you use as your camera collect battery use data since last charge? If so can you share a screenshot of that as well so I can do some mathematical conversions?


Well once again Alfred has recorded some events for me while away on vacation. I now have the peace of mind that Alfred will protect my home while im away. Now if only Alfred could make phone calls to the police when motion dection is triggered while you are away from home. Wouldnt that just be the icing on the cake!!! THANKS ALFRED!!!


Thank you for sharing .That is a GREAT IDEA I will definitely be using this thank you so much