3 Things Your Old iPod Touch Is Great For

iPod is becoming obsolete with smartphones getting better and smarter. While buying a new iPod now is probably not the best investment, your old iPod Touch is still great for some things! Here are 3 ideas you can try:

1. Security/Baby/Pet Cam

As long as your iPod Touch runs on iOS 8 and up, you can download Alfred, an app that turns gadgets into security/baby/pet cams. Alfred is available on Android as well, and the two versions are 100% compatible. Even if the smartphone you currently own is an Android device, you can monitor your iPod Touch with zero problem. Hey, that’s getting a security camera for free!

2. A Fancy Toy for the Kid

Have you seen kids beg for their parents’ phones? Literally every kid nowadays does this, because everywhere they look, people are on their smartphones. However, giving them your phone is definitely not the best idea. Just imagine them letting go…!

On the other hand, giving them the old iPod is risk-free. They can’t accidentally make phone calls, you can set up parental control in the settings, and if they drop it: it’s not devastating!

3. When You Expect Things to Get Dirty…

No, not that kind of dirty. Think more in line of gardening, cooking, or tinkering in the garage. You might need to check something on the Internet, but bringing your precious iPhone/iPad with you seems a little too risky.

That’s where your old iPod comes into play!

Have you found more new ways of using your iPod Touch? Make sure you share with us!

Build your FREE home security system by downloading Alfred: