3 Minutes limit?



Hello, why stopps the stream after every 3 Minutes over Chrom-Browser windows 10?
I must start the stream manuel again!!!
It`s very uncomfortable!!

Please make it without stopps please!!



Thank you for reaching out to Alfred!

Normally, Alfred automatically reconnects to the Internet when it becomes available again. However, your live-viewing sessions get cut off every few minutes because of the way the connection is set up.

Please read more about it here:

You can also

  1. Open Alfred Webviewer in Incognito Mode to see if it works.

  2. Clear SSL state and try again. (Settings > Advanced > Open proxy settings > Clear SSL state)

Hope it helps!


I have use different Webbrowser or incognito Browser. No change!! every 3 Minutes stopp the stream.
I see to much commercial signs but your service is too bad.
Please let the stream on…


Are you watching on the local network ? Both camera device and web browser on the same network ? If yes try different network if it’s available like if your router has two separate WiFi channels.


While you are watching live Alfreds motion detection is unavailable. If just to watch live is your main criteria then there are alternatives.
Please search onvif manager and an app that can let your camera device broadcast onvif stream of course all the other benefits of Alfred will not be available but you could set up a local recorder and still view live stream.


Onvifdm is freeware I am not affiliated with this software but I am a user. This would be the client side, for the server side you would have to research your own choice of App as I cannot recommend one as that would be conflicting with Alfred, but I could give you some hints if you have any questions.


onvifdm goes with normal Webcams, but with an webbrowser from Alfred…? what must I put in the preference, that I can see my android cam?


The onvif option is nothing to do with Alfred. It’s just an alternative way to go if it suits your needs and if not then just stick with Alfred.

Onvif is available on most IP cameras and there are also Apps that can turn your Android device in to an onvif device. Don’t know about iPhones as I have more sense than money :+1: