2 Gmail Accounts?



I have Alfred setup with my Gmail account but my wife wants to also view. Can i add her Gmail account so she can view also or does she need to login under my Gmail account?


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You can add your wife to your Trust Circle. That way, she can log in with her own Gmail.

Please find out how here:

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My wife is in my Trust Circle, and can view, but her app is full of ads. She is in my Family on Google, how do I get rid of all the ads on her app?




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Alfred’s upgrades are tied to the account. Trust Circle users will have to purchase their memberships separately. However, if you are Premium users and share your Cameras with other accounts, people in your Trust Circle can also enjoy the Camera live feed in HD and Zoom even if they are free users.

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Make a new gmail account just for Alfred. Have @ricardo switch the premium to that account. Then share the Alfred account with the ones you want in the trust circle. No ads for all of them. Use the account only for Alfred.