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Premium Doesn't Feel Very Premium 😒 (4)
Trust circles is not like a circle.. if there's one person in control of everything.. there should be no one outside of the house that can access the cameras.. but all three cameras won't be working long.. it's another episode of pileing .. funfunfun (2)
Increase screen size (2)
Limited post I can make, now gotta wait 9hrs? DAFUCK! (1)
Night vision, 24/7 recording ( 2 ) (29)
Single and mingle (6)
Apple Watch Companion app (1)
Ever thought about adding a Temperate Alarm feature? (1)
Update camera phones from main smartphone imports (2)
Widget to view cameras (5)
Allow Google accounts with no Gmail attached (6)
Selectable Motion detection boxes (4)
Stand alone (2) (1)
One MORE step (3)
To resolve issues, reboot (1)
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ν•Έλ“œν° ꡐ체 또 κ°€λŠ₯ν•˜κΈΈ! (3)
Fantasma120 (2)
Fantasma12 (1)
Feature Request: Allow Manual Recording for 2 Minutes instead of 30 Seconds (2)
Can you set the camera to activate upon hearing audio? (Like motion but for people talking) (1)
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